Clarifications LN 150/2015

Publication Date: May 22, 2015
The National Commission for Further and Higher Education would like to clarify a number of issues that are being raised by the KSU in relation to the introduction of Legal Notice 150/2015.
The changes in the legal notice aim to make clear the parameters for an entity that is either still being formed or already established, in order to be considered for the status of a University. The change in the number of courses was done in order to create more possibilities for Universities of different nature, such as professional, vocational or others, which do not necessarily have a wider range of courses. The new requirements mention the need for at least four qualifications at MQF Levels 5 to 7 and evidence of capacity to deliver programmes at Level 8. The parameters listed in Legal Notice 150/2015 give option for applicants to either indicate what type of research training they will provide or which research actions they will implement. This criterion is not mutually exclusive and it does not in any way prohibit any University licence holder to carry out research while also delivering research-related training.
The quality of higher education in Malta started being regulated in 2012. It is important to note that before this, the sector was in a way or another, regulating itself. The Legal Notice 150/2015 did not in any way affect the quality parameters enacted in 2012. In fact, it is further specifying the procedures of imposing penalties. Thus the quality of education is not being weakened in any way, but strengthened through enforcement.
In addition, NCFHE will continue ensuring a high educational standard at par with the Malta Qualifications Framework during course accreditation in all its applications. It is also important to note that the Malta Qualifications Framework is referenced to the European Qualifications Framework. Thus courses accredited in Malta have the same levels and quality at EU level, thus keeping the same levels as before.
By virtue of Subsidiary Legilsation 327.433, Article 4, NCFHE may act on its own initiative and act as the competent authority in the regulation of higher education as well as act as an independent quality assurance agency.