Independent Higher Education Regulator Announces Decision on Future of the American University of Malta

Following the most scrupulous educational and financial due diligence exercise lasting fourteen months, the National Commission for Further and Higher Education, Malta’s independent higher education regulator under the Education Act, today announced its decision on the application of the Sadeen Education Investment Ltd to set up the American University of Malta.

In a detailed presentation, the Chairman of the Commission, Martin Scicluna, outlined the rigorous educational and financial due diligence process which had been followed at every stage of consideration of the application. He emphasised that the methodology which his Commission had adopted had been objective, non-partisan, evidence-based, totally independent and strictly within the rules for such licences as laid down in the law. He said: “The Board of the Commission has been determined from the start to be guided by a desire for total transparency, complete adherence to due process and full accountability.”

In the light of the Board’s consideration, the American University of Malta has been offered a licence subject to its agreement to adhere to a number of stringent conditions for compliance.

C​​​​opy of Mr Scicluna’s Speaking Note setting out the due diligence process followed.