New Head for the NCFHE Quality Assurance Unit

The National Commission for Further and Higher Education would like to announce that Dr Manuel Vella has been appointed Head of Quality Assurance Unit.

Dr Manuel Vella joined the NCFHE as officer in charge of the accreditation of higher education programmes in September 2015. Dr Vella has a long-standing interest and involvement in further and higher education. He holds a PhD, an M.A. and a B.A. (Hons) in Philosophy, all at the highest level of distinction, from the University of Malta. 
He is a part-time visiting lecturer at the Department of International Relations and a casual lecturer with the Centre for Liberal Arts and Sciences at the UoM. He has also taught adult learners within the Directorate for Lifelong Learning. 

Dr Vella’s work at the NCFHE has confirmed his deep and passionate conviction of the importance of a national commitment to a plurality of learning opportunities which is accompanied by the enhancement and promotion of a quality culture in the provision of further and higher education in Malta.​​​
The Quality Assurance Unit shall be focusing on providing guidance to accredited and prospective further and higher education institutions in Malta on areas which are considered important to ensure a quality assured learning environment in further and higher education.