What procedures do I need to follow to submit my application?
All information related to submitting an application with the NCFHE-MQRIC for the recognition of qualifications can be accessed from here​.

  How long does it take for my application to be processed?
The process of evaluation of a submitted qualification is dependent on information received from NCFHE’s counterparts in the country of issue of the qualification being analysed. NCFHE does not determine itself what level rating a qualification must be given but refers to what is the established level rating awarded by the competent authorities in the country of issue. Consequently, NCFHE is dependent on the speed of reply of its international partners.

  I need information regarding requirements for a particular position/job. Where do I get this information?
The​ NCFHE is specifically tasked with the duty of recognizing qualifications and level rating them. It does not concern itself with entry criteria for job positions as this is the exclusive remit of the employer. Any information must consequently be sought from the potential employer or entity with who you are seeking to work with.​​