ECVET Project - Childcare Survey

The NCFHE is in the process of reviewing and updating the current Childcare National Occupational Standards. This is being done through the ECVET project whereby an ECVET expert was contracted to carry out this review process. Now that the review and update is done, prior to publishing we thought it would be best to obtain feedback from you, that work directly with these roles or have these important roles. This survey should not take you more than 10 minutes to carry out. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on

Go to Survey HERE​. 

Kindly note that the survey would be available until 13th November 2020. 

The Current Occupational Standards​ for Childcare are: 

The ECVET Expert describes the process used to redraft and review these documents as follows:


1.     To ensure that all learning outcomes are directly relevant to the key concepts of each unit, some titles and statements needed to be updated or collapsed and new ones added (refer to the red text in documents with track changes and reviewing process below).

2.     Action verbs were added to several statements to make them observable and measurable (refer to the red text in documents with track changes) and progress according to the MQF level;

3.     To ensure that both the National Occupational Standards for the Childcare Educator Level 4 and the National Occupational Standards of the Childcare Centre Manager Level 5 reflect the same key principles in ECEC:

a.     ​​Two sections were added to the NOS of the Centre Manager: CDC 505 Work in Partnership with Parents and CDC 507 Promote the Centre’s Inclusiveness in the Social, Physical and Learning Environment;

b.     Some outcomes from CDC 405 Meet Physical Development and Care Needs to Support Healthy Development and CDC 408 Encourage Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (Childcare Educator Level 4) were included in CDC 506 Lead to Enhance the Quality of Learning and Care (Centre Manager Level 5).


1.     Taking the updated title and brief description of each unit as a starting point, I identified the keywords of that particular unit. These keywords became my reference point in checking that all the key concepts within each unit were covered by the proposed statements of “learning outcomes”. In other words, I went through each draft statement and checked whether the proposed statement responded directly to the keywords.

2.     Furthermore, for each proposed “learning outcome”, I posed a question that interrogated whether the proposed outcome statement tapped into the intended focus of the “performance criteria”, “required knowledge” and “required skills”. The question was put from the perspective of the educator or childcare centre manager and asked (for example, in relation to CDC 401):

“Does this outcome statement show that the educator has a sound understanding of child development?”

3.     I also checked that each “learning outcome” could be observed and measured.

4.     Where proposed outcome statements did not meet the above criteria, they were not validated.

Important points to take into consideratio​n before the National Occupational Standards for the Childcare Educator and Centre Manager are sent for publishing:

1.     The nomenclature ‘Childcare Centre Manager’ – this nomenclature was also discussed in the meetings with the National Standards for ECEC (0-3) reference group. Something along the lines of ‘Early Years Educational Leader’ was suggested as nomenclature for this role. The role of the Centre Manager in the these standards and also in the redrafted and reviewed National Occuptional Standards Centre Manager Level 5 includes required knowledge and skills related to leadership capacity to ensure quality provision. This creates a mismatch between the nomenclature, level of qualification and the standards/learning outcomes. It is important that this is not overlooked before the publication of both documents.

2.     It is essential that the redrafted and reviewed National Occupational Standards (childcare educator level 4 and centre manager level 5), National Standards for Early Childhood Education and Care (0-3) and the National ECEC Policy 0-7 years are aligned prior to wider consultation or publishing.​