Promoting Excellence in Service Provision at the NCFHE

The NCFHE has embarked on a new Erasmus+ project entitled ‘Promoting excellence in service provision at the NCFHE’.  The aim is to cater for the capacity building needs of the main service arms: recognition, accreditation, validation and quality assurance, together with research and administration.

The overall objectives are as follows:
  • to increase the expertise of the staff employed at the NCFHE in order to improve the service provision of the entity;
  • to build sustainable capacity in its different service arms while at the same time strengthening its relations with foreign partner organisations operating in the same areas as the NCFHE.

  • The main beneficiaries for this project are NCFHE employees. Job shadowing experiences will help them to carry out close observation and assimilation with other organisations’ procedures. Additionally, this project will further strengthen networking with the Partner Organisations through learning and exchange of best practices and experiences. These are: Institut Fuer Hoehere Studien Und Wissenschaftliche Forschung, Austria; DOREA Educational Institue WTF, Cyprus; Pixel - Associazione Culturale, Italy; ECCTIS Limited, UK; NUFFIC, Netherlands; The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education, UK; and ESCP Europe Wirtschaftshochschule e.V., Germany.

    Each project participant will be sharing the knowledge and best practices obtained through this experience not only with other employees but would also be able to transfer such knowledge to other stakeholders who liaise with the NCFHE on a daily basis. This will ultimately lead to more efficient service provision. It will also develop a training work plan and learning outcomes in coordination with the job shadowing Partner Organisation, identifying key areas for further development of services as well as individual learning targets for each participant.