International Cooperation for VET Providers

The project titled “International Cooperation for VET Providers”, underpins two EQAVET EACEA 46/2015 Priorities:

  1. Complementing the current EQAVET Framework in order to ensure continued relevance to the needs of the policy context by developing an EQAVET+ Framework;
  2. Deepening the culture of quality assurance in VET- the importance of feedback loops and the review phase of the quality cycle,

The project proposes three seminars for VET providers in Malta in order to enhance the development of Internal Quality Assurance leading to a more widespread adoption of Internal Quality Assurance policies among VET providers. It addresses the challenges of developing self-evaluation processes, procedures and criteria as part of an overall culture of reflection, analysis and action throughout provision and within the review phase of the quality cycle. This acknowledges the fact that feedback and review are part of a continuous process and culture, as well as having a distinct formal phase within the quality cycle.

In addition, the seminars are expected to add value to national practice by strengthening the importance of Internal Quality Assurance within the National Quality Assurance Framework​. The seminars will contribute to the raising of overall quality and status of VET in the context of the Copenhagen process, and directly addresses the second priority area for 2015-2020 to: further develop quality assurance mechanisms in VET in line with the European quality assurance in VET recommendation, and as part of quality assurance systems, establish continuous information and feedback loops in initial VET and continuing VET systems based on learning outcomes.

The project is being co-financeed by Erasmus+ Programme and is expected to be concluded by the end of March 2017For additional information kindly send an email on qa.ncfhe@go​​

Main Deliverables
Seminars on developing Internal Quality Assurance Policies​