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Statement on ​coronavirus (COVID-19)​ (Updated 30th March 2020)
Closure of all schools was originally notified via Legal Notice 41 of 2020 as communicated to all Further and Higher Education institutions via communication NCFHE/03/2020 on 25th March 2020. Legal Notice 77 of 2020 extends the period of closure of schools indefinitely until the Superintendent of Health deems fit to repeal this notice. Thus, all Further and Higher Education institutions are to remain closed until further notice. 
Reference is made to the previous communication (NCFHE/03/2020) wherein providers were urged to provide online teaching and to inform and seek approval from the NCFHE when changing methods of assessment, particularly in the practicum components of the programme. Providers who will continue offering courses to their students through online learning are being requested to send an email informing the National Commission accordingly.  Emails are to be sent to the NCFHE on accreditation.ncfhe@gov.mt.  
This Communication should not affect the annual data collection on students as was communicated in Summer. The Research and Policy Unit at NCFHE, in collaboration with NSO, will be contacting all providers in April for the Annual Data Collection on students enrolled in Qualifications and Awards, and providers are expected to comply as per communication ACC/08/2019.
The NCFHE is actively monitoring the situation surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, and based on the current Malta Government advice, we ask stakeholders for their full cooperation in line with the press releases issued by the OPM from time to time. We advise all stakeholders to comply with legal obligations and advice disseminated by the national government by ensuring that adequate measures are in place. 
In light of this situation NCFHE personnel will not be holding any meetings in person at the Hamrun premises until further notice, but enquiries may be sent to ncfhe@gov.mt. The National Commission will continue to monitor the development of the situation closely and will post updates if and when required.
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National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE)

Triq J Abela Scolaro
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​Email: ncfhe@gov.mt