Course Accreditation Expiry Date​​​

Locally accredited courses currently do not have an accreditation expiry date. Courses accredited aboard and recognized in Malta such as those listed on OFQUAL in the UK may have an accreditation expiry date. Courses that are accredited by OFQUAL and​ included in the NCFHE Register​ have a hyperlink that provides relevant information including the operational end date and certification expiry date.
  • Operational End Date is the last date candidate can register for the qualification.
  • Certification End Date means that the candidate must be Certified ON or BEFORE that date, meaning that the certificate needs to be dated prior to the Certification End Date. After that particular date the qualification is not regulated by OFQUAL and therefore cannot be recognized by the NCFHE.

In a few cases, the OFQUAL website gives the Operational End Date and the Certificate End Date for a particular course as the same. Prospective learners are strongly advised to note that in all such cases, the Certification End Date is deemed by the NCFHE to be operative.

In the few cases where the information is not provided, candidates are advised to contact the service provider.

Courses will remain on the NCFHE Register even after the certification end date for reference purposes and because OFQUAL may renew the accreditation. It is therefore the responsibility of prospective students to ensure that the course they are applying for is accredited and recognised. ​​​​​​​