Graduate Tracer Study

Among the NCFHE’s current projects, a graduate tracer study is being launched as part of an Erasmus+ project, “Supporting the Bologna Process
in Malta 2014-2016​
The study is based on an online survey to be filled in by graduate students, from all licensed further and higher education providers in Malta, who completed their qualification in 2014. All levels and kinds of study programmes are included under the scope of this survey. The survey questions are related to the graduates’ qualifications prior to their entry into higher education, their education history, their transition into employment, their career path, and the perceived link between their education experience and their employment after graduation.

This tracer study aims to identify the situation of graduates after they complete their qualification and is expected to yield valuable information for evaluating the impact of the ongoing reforms on the provision of further and higher education in Malta. The study also addresses the fit between the education provided and the needs of the labour market. This can help enhance the relevance and responsiveness of further and higher education to labour market needs on one hand, and the needs of the diverse students’ population on the other. ​​​​​​​