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The below Communications have been issued by the NCFHE, targeted at licensed education institutions, in relation to quality assurance and provider/programme accreditation. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Comm. No.​ Comm. Title Annexes
​NCFHE/09/2020 ​ Definitions of Terms in Online Learning
​NCFHE/08/2020 Update on Closure of Schools (Repealing Regulations).
​NCFHE/07/2020 ​ Provision of Online Learning Questions for provision of online/blended learning
​NCFHE/06/2020 ​ The National Occupational Standards
​NCFHE/05/2020  ​Update on Closure of Schools - Definition(COVID-19 situation)
​RP/01/2020  ​​Education Statistics Questionnaire 2019 2020
(Data collection on Students enrolled in Qualifications and Awards)
​NCFHE/04/2020 ​ Update on Closure of Schools (COVID-19 situation)
​NCFHE/03/2020 ​ Online teaching and learning - COVID-19 situation
​NCFHE/02/2020 ​​ Updated Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19)
​Q​A/01/2020 Training for Peer and Student Reviewers for External Quality Assurance Audits (26th and 27th March 2020)*
*Please be informed that due to the current situation, the NCFHE has decided to postpone this event. We shall be informing you about new developments in due course.
EQA Local Peer Experts - Selection Procedure​
​ACC/08/2019 Amendment to Communication No: 02/2013
Data Collection for Annual Statistics Further and Higher Education 
Data required about Students, Credit Mobility and Graduates
​ Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Online/Blended Learning Updated NQAF​

Fee Structure​
​ACC/04/2016 ​​​Amendments to Communication No: 3/2015 - Compliance
with Regulations on Use of Venue for Provider Accreditation
​ACC/03/2016 Updated Regulations on the Internal Quality Assurance Policy Document of Registered Licensed Institutions​
​​QA/02/2016 Fee-Structure for Provider External Quality Assurance (EQA) Audits​t
​QA/01​/2016​ Issuing of EQA Follow-Up Report and Timelines
Updated Administrative Fees for Progra​mme and Provider Accreditation​​ Updated Fee Structure
Communication for Institutions to Apply for Renewal of Licence​
​​SL327.433 Regulation 47 Interpretation Note
​QA/05/2015 Providing Correct Inf​ormation to Prospective Students of Courses Accredited by OFQUAL
​QA/04/2015 External Quality Audit of Accredited HE Courses after First Complete Cycle of Provision​​​
​Compliance with Regulations on Use of Venue for Provider Accreditation​
Replaced by ACC/04/2016
SLC Number available to Accredited Entities​​ Template Letter
Training in the Writing of Accreditation Applications​​​
​QA/34/2014 Processing of Requests for Recognition of New Courses by Accredited Entities
​QA/32/2014 Investigation Expenses​
Use of NCFHE Logo and Text only with Accredited or Recognised Courses
​QA/29/2014 QA Framework Finalised: Support for Developing IQA
​QA/27/2014 Intellectual Property Rights for Accredited Courses
Childcare Training Provision Feedback Committee ​​
Qualification Level for Tutors Clarification
​QA/19/2014 Strict Adherence to ​Course Minimum Requirements for Participation​
Enhanced NCFHE Register ​
New MEPA Regulations with Respect to Access to Premises More info
ACC/​​08/2014 Dr Maria​ Magro Scerri Reprises Duties
​QA/12/2014 New Sanctions Procedure by the Quality Assurance Committee within the NCFHE
Regis​​ter of Accredited Further and Higher Educational Institutions
Distance Learning Providers Feedback Committee
​QA/03/2014 Report on ‘Progress in Quality Assurance in Higher Education’ by the European Commission
ACC/​​​02/2013 Data Collection on Further and Higher Education Provision by the NCFHE
Use of Specific Wording and NCFHE Logo by Licenced Further and Higher Education Institutions
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