The below Communications have been issued by the NCFHE, targeted at licensed education institutions, in relation to provider/programme accreditation. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Comm. No.​ Comm. Title Annexes
​ACC/02/2017 Amendments to Communication No: 4/2016:
Compliance with Regulations on Use of Venue for Provider Accreditation​​
Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Online/Blended Learning Updated NQAF

Fee Structure​​
​ACC/04/2016 ​​​Amendments to Communication No: 3/2015 - Compliance
with Regulations on Use of Venue for Provider Accreditation
​ACC/03/2016 Updated Regulations on the Internal Quality Assurance Policy Document of Registered Licensed Institutions​
Updated Administrative Fees for Progra​mme and Provider Accreditation​​ Updated Fee Structure
Communication for Institutions to Apply for Renewal of Licence​
​​SL327.433 Regulation 47 Interpretation Note
​Compliance with Regulations on Use of Venue for Provider Accreditation​
Replaced by ACC/04/2016
SLC Number available to Accredited Entities​​ Template Letter
Training in the Writing of Accreditation Applications​​​
Use of NCFHE Logo and Text only with Accredited or Recognised Courses
Childcare Training Provision Feedback Committee ​​
Qualification Level for Tutors Clarification
Enhanced NCFHE Register ​
New MEPA Regulations with Respect to Access to Premises More info
ACC/​​08/2014 Dr Maria​ Magro Scerri Reprises Duties
Register of Accredited Further and Higher Educational Institutions
Distance Learning Providers Feedback Committee​​
ACC/​​​02/2013 Data Collection on Further and Higher Education Provision by the NCFHE
Use of Specific Wording and NCFHE Logo by Licensed Further and Higher Education Institutions​