Provider Licensing

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Provider accreditation (licensing) is the formal acknowledgement, issued by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) of the status, legitimacy and appropriateness of an education institution.

According to the Subsidiary Legislation 327.433 on Licensing, Accreditation and Quality Assurance​, all education institutions offering further or higher education in or from Malta require a license issued by​ the NCFHE to operate. This means that the institution has met the stipulated standards and guidelines as established by the NCFHE.​​​
The different categories of licenses are: University, Higher Education Institution, Further Education Institution, Further Education Centre, and Tuition Centre.​ In order for an education institution to be eligible for a licence in the categories mentioned above, the following criteria need to be in place: ​
  1. ​An accredited programme on the Malta Qualifications Framework and European Qualification Framework*;
  3. Qualified academic staff (CVs will need to be submitted with the application);
  5. An Internal Quality Assurance policy​;
  7. MEPA Certified premises. For further regulations and other possible venues for provision please refer to Communication 03/2015​.
*Institutions applying under the category of a tuition centre are exempted from Criterion 1.

License Renewal/Changes
For a renewal of license, the provider is requested to fill in all sections of the regular application form​ and to include all necessary documentation with the application.

When applying for a change in license, the provider is to fill in the sections where the changes will occur, while indicating in the remaining sections that these will remain as per their previous application.