Quality Assurance

The NCFHE has strengthened quality assurance in Malta through the establishment of the National Quality Assurance Framework for Further and Higher Education, which was launched in July 2015. Through this framework, the NCFHE supports accredited and prospective further and higher education institutions in Malta by providing guidance on areas which are considered important to ensure a quality assured learning environment in further and higher education.​ Through the National Quality Assurance Framework, the NCFHE has established the parameters for national external quality audits (EQA) system that complements the internal quality assurance (IQA) mechanisms of individual further and higher education entities. In view of this, the framework itself sets a number of internal quality assurance Standards in order to help further and higher education institution to develop their Quality Assurance policies.​

The National Quality Assurance Framework provides the conceptual context for EQA Procedures. In view of this, the NCFHE has developed the External Quality Audit Manual of procedures​, In line with the National Quality Assurance Framework, the EQA process applies to all accredited further an higher education providers that are corporate entities.  The practice of EQA means that it not enough that the entity has IQA systems on paper or simply statutory set up. The EQA needs to check that these systems are fit for purpose, are in fact functioning and effective, and are sustainable.
External quality assurance is designed to be conducted in a way which reflects the relevant European and International standards, guidelines and criteria for external quality assurance and respect for international treaties and agreements relevant to further and higher education provision as ratified or endorsed by Malta. NCFHE offers its full support to educational institutions in following this process.