Education & Training Providers

The National Commission for Further and Higher Education is the competent authority for licensing, accreditation and quality assurance of providers and programmes in Malta. In view of this, it offers support to education and training providers in the following situations:
  • applying for an license to operate as a further or higher education institution in Malta,
  • accrediting programmes or courses across the Malta Qualifications Framework,
  • renewing a further or higher education institution license,
  • changing the type of further or higher education institution license,
  • need assistance in issues related to quality assurance of programmes and courses,
  • require information on regulated professions.

If an education institution is currently encountering any of the above-mentioned situations, each point will re-direct to that particular service required. These are:

The NCFHE also issues communications in relation to accreditation and quality assurance​ on regular basis for the attention of education and training providers. 

For more assistance and direction, kindly send an email on